Being a shield

One thing that I find incredibly tough is being present in the current moment. It seems I’m always looking at what I have to do later on, tomorrow or the weekend. My focus is far off in the distant future or in the negative. Regardless, when I do somehow lean into the moment , no matter how mundane, I feel a sense of well being. 

      The trouble is when there is too much going on in your life and or your head it Canberra a real challenge 


Focusing on the more boring and tedious aspects of our lives is not something we normally consider. I ran into this thought funny enough while running. I was thinking about flow and how to achieve this sometimes elusive feeling. 
Think about running and not thinking about running same time

Greenbelt 2016

This is how I usually start this particular day. Loaded with excitement and anticipation (which for me is rare most days). After getting everything I may need for an almost always raining trail run, I eat the usual stuff, go to Starbucks and it’s off to the races. In this particular case it’s the greenbelt trail out in plainview Long Island. I always like to get to the starting line early because of my excitement and that I’m not one to procrastinate. While there I usual walk around, read, and just try and chill out while taking in the overall vibe. Reading seems to really help right before racing and reading How bad do you want it, seems timely and appropriate.

So after the 50K start those of us who signed up for the 25K began at 8:30A.M. The beginning of the race is always literally an uphill battle until we enter the trail system in which the uphill battle becomes that much more of an uphill battle after the initial bottlenecking. Going down the trail is the same as in years past. Follow the markers, try not to reck yourself, and devour all the watermelon and fuel you can at the rest stops.