Tesla hertz 50k

Every year in the fall I sign up for a local trail run called the tesla hertz run. It is a run that starts on a Saturday early and continues for many onto the following day. This ultra run bring A lot of unique characters out, me being one of them. I never did a 100 miler nor do I really desire to right now. So like usually I signed up for the 50k. 

  This is a tradition like no other. Every year I do my usual before driving to the rocky point waldbaums which is the makeshift lot the runners park in. Once there I have always went into waldbaums and got I coffee from one of those machines. It’s cheap and bad but it’s a tradition. Well this year it was gone so I had my morning all screwed up. Nothing screws me up more than not having coffee. So I ran to the deli nearby and settled for what they had. 

As you can see coffee is just important to me as running. So that’s what I did for the Majority of the rest of my day was to run. Run and walk I should say. I didn’t really train for this considering I ran twice a week for 2 hours or so each session. I did swim a bunch and tackle so big hills on the bike on Sunday’s. So it was obvious to me it would hurt, and it did.  Especially when I went in the basement the next morning and pulled out my neck doing incline bench. Silly. The funny thing is my legs feel great. Sore but no real problems. Neck happens to be the real pain, even typing this right now it’s annoying the heck out of me. That’s what happens when you get cocky and try and lift the next day after a race.

Besides the still nagging neck pain it was a great and exciting day. My plan was to go around once and see how I felt. This was because I strained my left ankle a week and a half before the race. I’m just a mess I guess. So after the second loop I still felt ok and I thought ,”what the hell its a nice day and I want to stay outside for as long as I can.” Wish I would have done just two cause my left knee started really yelling at me. So much so I had to electrical tape it at the 25 mile mark and did a lot of run walk run. I’m still glad I finished what I set out to do cause every other time I’ve ran this I never finished my current goal.

I remember at some point during the run looking at some of the red leaves on the trees and just being fascinated by it. That’s the best thing about long endurance stuff, the runners high, besides the sense of accomplishment. So I’m still not sure if I will do it again next year, I’ve really been liking weight lifting and ultra running and heavy weights are hard to mix with all the other stuff I do. Just have to wait and see. 



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