Ride for espresso


One of the greatest things about summer is the more time we get to spend outside. This being especially important if you work inside for your daily source of income. When the warm weather hits Long Island one of the things that really brings joy and much needed stress relief is getting on the bike and just getting out in the sun. My preferred summer riding consists of road riding starting early on Sunday’s. There is typically less cars on the road which is an added benefit to my early morning endeavors. Over the years I’ve developed several routes always starting but not always ending at my house. I’ve had out and backs, loops, and out and backs with loops. The really fun thing to do occasionally is going on a known route and at some point just going down those roads you usual just pass by. Getting lost is always an adventure. One thing that I have not changed over the years is my first rest stop, Starbucks. I’m there pretty much every Sunday so the baristas know the cyclist in the primal jerseys and shorts. I don’t really waste too much time there cause I’m in a rush to go get lost. Drink of choice, dopio. The double espresso shot is a nice extrinsic reward for journey thus far. So for me the thoughts of biking and espresso goes hand in hand with summer and sun. A time to refresh and enjoy the ride.



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