It’s funny how certain things remind us of when we were a child. I was never really a runner until later in life but play was always a part of my childhood days as well as currently. The actual type of play might have changed as everything does but not the overall sense of play.
During one of my recent runs I slid under a fence and hopped over two other ones. When I hopped and slid these fences I was immediately brought back to my childhood in a sense. It reminded me of playing manhunt with friends. When we played I would usually climb trees as all boys will do. It seems that even as men we are all still boys. Having the mindset of a child is not a bad thing, in fact in today’s world it is a rare blessing and sometimes hard to obtain.
Another childhood thing myself and many other kids did was to play in the leaves. My parents used to make us help with the fall and spring clean up and as all kids will do found ways to play. Recently I have just been going out and raking leaves as its own form of play. I just think of it as a workout. But the added bonus is that it’s is a workout with purpose and the results are plain to see.
Another good winter workout Is snow shoveling. It’s great because it’s similar to a lift but it’s outside and has purpose. The workout is just a benefit. Again this is something some of us did as children for our parents and also for making a couple bucks for comics and candy ( two other things that remind me of being a kid). This winter maybe I’ll try to help people out and shovel family and friends driveways instead of going to the gym.
It basically comes down to being outside with a task and purpose. Using your physical abilities also enhances your mood and overall mental well being. It’s not just being outside but the more important thing is to have a child’s mindset. A child would not hesitate to go outside and play not matter the conditions be it raining, sleeting or snowing. Play is all about your perception. I can think of play as going to work and sitting at my desk all day. as long as I think with this child’s mindset it will be fun no matter the task.

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person; your behavior does. —Anonymous”
– Barton