Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

The third Great Lake I have attempted to swim the length of was that of Lake Michigan. The total length is approximately 307 miles (540,320 yards). I started this lake after the Lake Erie adventure on Wednesday may 21, 2014 and finished on Friday December 5,2014. I’m going to again try and give some details about some great swims I had in he process as well as whatever else comes to mind.
So this morning I woke up after a night of midnight snacking, mostly on tomato sauce rich stuff which destroyed my stomach. I still did my normal Friday swim before work but it took me a while to not feel bloated. I didn’t even use my Clif bar at the normal point during the swim cause of the bloating and feeling guilty for over eating the night before. Anyways, I reached the 307 mile mark this completing my Lake Michigan swim.
One thing that is important in life is to have routines and swimming has been engrained in mine. Even when I really didn’t want to go I went. Occasionally I would swim less but the important thing is that I got in the water. I am not fast nor do I even consider swimming a ‘hard’ workout anymore. I’m used to it and am more efficient than when I started. That being said I really consider swimming as more of a relaxing, meditative activity.
While in the water I can let my mind wonder for a little bit before I start counting my strokes. I would plan the day’s activities, wonder about what to fuel my body with, or other none important matters. It’s funny sometimes the things that come to mind when the blood starts flowing. More than once I actually laughed underwater. Yes, it is possible. When I wasn’t overthinking about mundane matters I would be counting strokes. Either 1,2,3,4 or 1,2,3. I have a whole system where I go easy sometimes and other times breathe to this side or he other.
Besides counting I have grown to love the variety that comes with using paddles and fins near the end of the swim. It keeps things interesting and adds another layer of fun to the, ‘workout’. They extra equipment has helped me to really feel the water a bit better. The paddles are the biggest ones I could find and have helped me with my hand entry. The fins remind me that I have legs and they also need to work in order for me not to sink. That has always been my main goal, trying not to drown while in the process find fun.
Brendan Francis said ,”At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one’s lost self.” That’s one of the things you discover when you are not bombarded with the details of life. Being in the water, running or cycling you will discover your lost self. I think swimming is the best way to do it because it is a total immersion of your environment. You in a way become part of the water. There is nothing but you and the sound of splashing. I plan to continue to find myself by swimming because we need to. We change as we grown each day. Here is to living life and not letting it control you.
“Just keep swimming”
– Barton

Break up tasks into bite size chunks 900 = 300/300/300
Longest swim was Mon may 26, 2014 13000 yards.
Sun june 22, 2014 8am west neck swim 5K 1:22.43



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