The art of the axe

Everything is an art form. It all depends on how you look at it, your view. You know, the whole “glass is half full” saying. The glass can be half full, optimistic, or half empty, pessimistic. Some people may look at someone chopping wood as a seemingly mindless act with no value or significance. To me however it is one of my art forms.
There is more to chopping wood then meets the eye. It seems like all that’s required is some anger and muscle power. I cannot disagree that both of those help in the task of taking down the enemy. The label enemy given to the piece of wood helps in focusing on what the goal is. It is the enemy and needs to be burned.
Sometimes the enemy is tougher than normal. In my short time doing this art I have discovered that oak can be much more difficult to defeat than say white birch.
The simplicity of splitting and sorting wood is one of the major reasons I find pleasure in it. Besides it being a great exercise it also takes you away from the complications that have arisen in this fast paced world. It’s funny, Life is so stressful so to help relieve the stress we have to do something stressful. It really all comes to life balance. We need to have balance in life in order to be a functional, productive human being.
Life is always a balancing act and juggling it without having outlets to blow off steam will result in a loss of balance. The trick is to just get started. Tell yourself to do something for 10-15 minutes. Once you get past that initial period it becomes easier and you can relax and enjoy it.
“When was one dishes just wash dishes” is a quote I heard a long time ago. It means to get he most out of anything your are doing regardless of the task. You may hate to wash dishes but if you change your viewpoint and just ‘wash the dish’ to the best of your ability and stop complaining about it joy will follow from the simple task. Same goes with cutting wood and anything else in life.
“When enlightened, chop wood. After enlightened, chop wood”



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