Nyc century 2014

NYC 2014

121 East Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901
Above is the address of the bike shop I went to before me and my mom went to Joe’s Crab Shack. I was looking to replace my questionable/ broken derailluer from a traditional bike ride I do every year. The New York City century tour.
The day started very similar to last year with me getting on the 3:45 train from Ronkonkoma to penn station. Had my coffee on the train while reading a Michael crition book about pirates. When we finally arrived at penn (me and my bike) I think I took 7th street or 8th street up to 110th where the race starts. Think it was 7th. After slapping the numbers on my helmet, camelback and also the bike itself alls that was left was to wait the 10 minutes or so for the race to start.
I got into the city riding grove like it was just yesterday. The weather was perfect for riding with the cool fall air. One of the greatest things about the fall besides the air being more breathable is the sound of the crickets in the mornings and also in the evenings. To me it just brings a sense of peace and it kind of reminds me of listening to myself breathing while I am swimming. Great ‘meditative’ state.

Riding this century, actually it is a little more than a century due to the the back and forth from penn to the start/finish. Regardless, riding for an extended period of time is always a joy. If movement equals happiness I am always on cloud nine when this race comes around every year. I actually beat my time from last year due to not stopping at the crappy last rest stop. That’s one thing that could be improved upon, the rest stops. I guess it’s the best it’s going to get but the line for the food and water is way to long. Kind of throws you out of your biking zone. Bathroom lines were way to long as well, no problem for me. It was nice to have hummus and pita bread at the second rest stop. As always in this ride I eat everything in sight usually crappy stuff. The over eating and junk/performance food, gels and fluids definitely helps with he stresses of New York City riding.
Going over the bridges is always a scary but exciting time. In particular the Brooklyn bridge where you can see the water while you are looking down. It’s one of those things where if you were told to do something you didn’t want to do, you wouldn’t do it. The riding on tight bridges and weaving in between cars occurs kind of without you being asked if you want to do it or not. Your just put in the moment and need to react. Thinking about it could be dangerous. Such is the case every year were I almost (and in some instances actually see) a disaster happen. Usually it is the riders fault due to his or her not being aware of the environment and surroundings. I guess that’s why I do it every year, to be in the moment and having to actually pay attention cause otherwise I could get really hurt.
It is also very eye opening to see the variety of people in the 5 borrows. From the rich to the poor. From the good to the bad. As well as a few crazies along the way, me being one of them. Passing through all the different people, places and attractions makes the ride go by in he blink of an eye. You also meet a lot of people riding. Everyone who enters shares the same interest, that of riding. I always strike up conversations with others around me, unless I’m at a low point. Those lows didn’t happen to me this year cause I fueled accordingly 🙂
Once I arrived at the start/finish line my ride still wasn’t over. I had to find my way back to penn after riding 100+ miles. But I had another point to reach that was a reward when I finally got to the train station. When I finally found my delirious happy self to the station I immediately got some frozen yogurt and loaded on the junk. I had plenty along the route but this yogurt is my special treat for staying alive and accomplishing my goal. All in all a great, exciting and challenging day. Can’t wait till next year.
“just keep on moving forward”



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