When you think about spending hours in a pool or doing anything for an extended period of time, the thought can be tiresome. mindlessly swimming back and forth to some can seem a sadistic form of torture. Over time however, gradually you learn to accept and then love the time spent doing the activity.
The truth can be said with anything. The more you do something the more you can learn to like and accept it. It’s not always a good thing cause variety creates balance in our lives and is needed to be happy and productive.
I guess the problem can be that we get so used to doing something that we feel a part of it. I’m all for becoming absorbed and doing my best in what I’m doing. Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring at times. One thing I try to do if to be mindful that this feeling will pass and I will get through it and eventually start enjoying the activity or task again. “This to shall pass.” Is a great thought to keep in mind throughout life in all we do.
“I see you hill.”
– Barton


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