Week review

So to help me along with this whole journaling thing I am going to try to catalog the different topics I have a passion for. Some off the top of my head include; training, projects, random thoughts, video games, comics, and whatever else comes to mind in this blog endeavor of mine. I believe it will help me appreciate all the things I do each day. I’ll try to be very detailed so it may get a bit boring, but that’s why I’m doing it, for the details.
So with all this single speed mountain biking I’ve been doing I have learned that I love tinkering. I think it just comes down to the fact that I love working with tools. project I discovered that yesterday when I destroyed a couch and took it out of the basement. While doing this I used a variety of tool which included; screwdriver, hammer, small sledge hammer, chisel, hand saw, bolt cutters. Probably should have used a crow bar as well. I really enjoyed the WORK. It actually felt like I was giving effort and so that’s why it was rewarding. I also threw out the treadmill that no one has used in forever. bike with the bike however it’s not about chaos but about order. Tinkering and trying to adjust everything can be frustrating, especially when your not exactly sure what to do.
Just got out on the pool (it’s a couple days later). Hard to find the time to finish these entry’s so I think I’m going to make them short and longer when I can. Rough swim. Way too much sugar this morning I think. Nothing really of note…brains still underwater.


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