Recapturing the owl

We are all capable of amazing things. There is a catch though. The catch being we have to want to do it. For example just before this I was scarfing down some eggs, beets, guacamole, red peppers, and falafel drowning in hot sauce. Needless to say I was distracted by the food and not typing this. In order to be a writer, something I consider great and amazing, you can’t be distracted by the delicious food in front of you. My excuse is I just got out of the pool so food took priority. So good.
So what can we do to not get distracted and focus on all of our awesomeness. For one thing, it’s all about mindfulness and mental training. Visualizing who you want to be and decide to just do it. It will get hard no matter what your doing. That can be simply reading something that may not be interesting at first but if you stick with it and give forth the effort you will benefit. Maybe not from the boring information but you will benefit from the accomplishment.
“don’t lose focus”
– Barton


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