Besides swimming and other related, relevant lifestyle tidbits I have decided to include my biking endeavors and bike life as well. I’ll try to leave it with those two activities as the main thrust.
So to continue on I figured I would start by introducing REKEN. This is a 20″ hardtail mountain bike which has seen a number of different faces, or builds as I like to call them. This most recent one was concocted due to my renewed discovery and love of single speed mountain biking. There is no turning back now. I have done some single speeding in the past and got frustrated with this or that not working for some reason or another. This time I stuck with it and I’m so glad I did.
I started this endeavor due to the fact that I haven’t been able to run due to injury. I found that single speed mountain biking is a equal substitute. You have all the trails of trail running plus the added bonus of strengthening the quadriceps on standing and climbing the uphills.
The most important aspect of it is that it is SIMPLE. What I mean is there is no thinking about “what gear I need to be in” or “why do my derailluers keep changing gears on there own”. The only thing you need to do is pedal!
I’ve learned a lot more then I did about chainline, dropouts, tensioners, and magic gears, just to name a couple aspects of SS Mtbing. It’s the learning that I enjoyed as well. Maybe not at some of the frustration moments I had putting this or that together but in the end it was worth it.
Just keep pedaling




One thing I have adapted myself to do is to wake up at five in the morning. Actually it is usually around 4:30 but I wait around till five unless I’m really anxious to get started with my training. Almost all my training whether it’s swimming, biking, running *, or a lift gets done in the morning. It gets me ready for the day. It’s also good cause my brain doesn’t have time to argue with me saying to skip it and just stay in bed. I literally can’t stay in bed. I have been waking up and training so long that it is engrained and I don’t think I just do it. Like all habits it took time to develop this. It’s good cause I am usually refreshed in the mornings. Well, once I have a cup or two of coffee with my usual other concoctions. Jumping in the water at these early hours of the morning use to be tough and they still are. I do it cause I know I’ll benefit from it and feel great once I get going. If I don’t feel on par that day I just do it anyway and feel good having done the goal.
*when not injured

Default mode

It can sometimes be work swimming. When I say work what I mean is, not fun or refreshing. It’s not the swim per say but rather me. Maybe I drank too much, ate too much in the middle of the night (as usual), over trained. Whatever the reason sometimes I just want to go back to sleep. The good thing is that I built a habit of getting up and just going. Usually I get into it after I warm up a bit. Sometimes however the negativity and mental voices telling me to quit just won’t shut up. But I found the secret.
It’s not so much a secret as it is my selective hearing turned onto myself. I tend to ignore things I don’t want to hear or see. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but in this case it helps. It takes a while sometimes to not hear the negative and just drown out, no pun intended. Swimming has become very natural for me so I have learned to shut down all thoughts and just go into what I can default mode. It’s not flow but rather a forced flow state but not as relaxing.
I know I’m a weirdo. But at least I got through today’s swim
– Barton